High quality seeds from the selected TKS plants are available to purchase at www.novabiorubber.com !

All natural rubber and latex are imported to North America  from Southeast Asia.Brazilian Hevea tree is the only source of natural rubber and latex. Supply of natural rubber is threatened due to the time to grow Hevea tree (8 yrs), growing market demand, excessive manual labor required for tapping the latex, tree diseases and land shortages. Latex products from Hevea tree cause latex allergy in certain people. Currently, twenty million people are at risk of latex allergy in North America. Slow-developing latex allergy is threatening everyone. As the result  of all these factors, the price for natural rubber has become volatile inspiring the global search for natural rubber alternatives. These global issues can only be solved by producing alternative natural rubber and latex from rubber-bearing plants such as Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS) (aka Russian Dandelion).  These rubber-bearing plants were discovered  by Soviet Union in 1930s. In 1940s these rubber-bearing plants were grown in the USA and Canada to satisfy rubber shortage. TKS does not require manual labor for growing. 


Patented Green Extraction Process is validated by NRC Canada. Official test results available.

Our products:


1. Green rubber extraction process (patented)

2. Proprietary rubber extractor (patented)

3. Extraction facility (under development)

4. High Quality Seeds (available)

5. Biorubber

6. Biolatex  

7. Inulin


Prototype and large-scale rubber extractors have been designed and manufactured. Rubber extractor is fast, safe  and easy to use. Rubber threads are extracted from plant tissue immediately. Rubber extractor was tested by National Research Council Canada and tests results are available.


Rubber extractor employs unique combinations of mechanical forces to recover biorubber from plant roots continuously at room temperature. Rubber extractors are operated continuously. The technology recovers 98% of total biorubber from plant roots


“Green” means no toxic wastewater created and no pollution observed. No chemicals, solvents nor water are used. The advantage of the rubber extraction process arises from the use of dry media which provides cost savings in terms of energy, labour, chemicals and water consumption.



NovaBioRubber was founded by Dr. Anvar Buranov in May of 2009 after obtaining  US patent  for green rubber recovery process.
 Dr. Anvar Buranov, president/CEO. Dr. Buranov has 20 years of R&D and management experience with industrial crops including 15 publications, 2 patents and numerous conference presentations. 
Mr. Jason Rite, Business Development Manager and business partner-investor has over 40 years of business development experience. Mr. Rite has served as a director and the president-ceo of many companies. HE holds an engineering degree and MBA from University of Toronto and has led 5 successful companies and raised funds in the public market.
Dr. Perry Lidster, advisor and business partner, has a wealth of experience in the private and public sector, including high profile project management and has held various executive positions with multinational companies. Dr. Lidster has significant financial management experience, having managed multi-million dollar contracts and budgets. Dr. Lidster served as the managing director at Advanced Foods and Materials (AFM) Canada.
Dr. Laila Bekrima helped NovaBioRubber in the development stages. Dr. Bekrima holds PhD from University of Paris and currently teaching at British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, BC
Funding provided by: 


Minister of International Trade and MP, Ed Fast and Dr. Buranov
Researchers at NRC Canada and Dr. Buranov

July 24, 2019 - High quality seeds from the selected TKS plants and consulting hours  are available to purchase at www.novabiorubber.com !


May 17, 2019 - Press release about winning Materials Innovation Award from Medilink UK at Med-Tech Innovation. Available here..


May 17, 2019 - Winners announced at Med-Tech Innovation Expo. We are one of them. Read more...


May 16, 2019 - We won  Materials Innovation Award from Medilink UK at Med-Tech Innovation Expo. Read more..

Jan 22, 2019 - Rubber News published article about the third-party tests on biolatex hypoallergenicity. Read more...  

Jan 21, 2019 - Press release about the third party tests on hypoallergenicity of biolatex is available here 


Dec 18, 2018 - We are pleased to announce that Mr. Jeff Martin of Yulex LLC agreed to help us as an advisor. 


March 29, 2018 - Official third party test results on our patented green process  is available. Please contact us to get a copy

Sept 30, 2017 -  NRC Canada research results on hypoallergenicity tests  of TKS latex has been published. Learn more ... 

Sept 01, 2016 - Nova-BioRubber purchases warehouse for processing activities 


Feb 02, 2016 - Nova-BioRubber starts another project on latex allergy with National Research Council Canada


Dec 02, 2015 - Nova-BioRubber successfully finishes the project with National Research Council Canada. Learn more... 


May 16, 2015 - Build In Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) awards Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc. Learn more...


Oct 7, 2014. -  Rubber & Plastics News publishes an articles about major players of Taraxacum kok-saghyz . Learn more ...


May 21, 2014 - Vancouver Sun newspaper published an article about Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc .  Learn more...


May 08, 2013 - An article called " Nova CEO: Russian dandelion good for planet, NR industry"  is published by Rubber News . Learn more...

April 26, 2013 - Oral presentation at 29th Clemson University Global Tire Conference, Hilton Head, S.C., USA in 24-26, 2013. Learn more...

Jan 10, 2013 -  We formed the Alternative Grower’s Association (AGA)  to help the selected rubber farmers with growing and planting information. 

Oct 15, 2012 - We are hiring.   We appreciate financial support from IRAP program of National Research Council of Canadian government.  

Sept 28, 2012 - Dr. Buranov  made a presentation at the BioRubber Congress on  Sept 24-25, 2012  organized by EU-PEARLS consortium  Learn more...

March 15, 2012-  KOK Technologies Inc is now Nova-BioRubber Green Technologies Inc. Official name change has been approved. 

May 01, 2012 -  Management office moved to Discovery Parks, a high tech innovation center in downtown Vancouver. 

Nov  22, 2011-  Dr. Buranov met Honourable Don McRae, the Minister of Agriculture in BC to discuss rubber-bearing plants for Canada.  

Sept 22, 2011-  Dr. Buranov has been awarded the second prize by New Ventures BC Competition in Canada. Learn more..

October 27,  2011-  Canadian Food Inspection Agency officially approves the potential of Taraxacum kok-saghyz for Canada.  Learn more

August 15,  2011 -  Collaborative R&D activities with Universities were featured on Macleans magazine (Aug 15, 2011). Learn more.

May 11, 2011 - Ford company started testing natural rubber from Taraxacum kok-saghyz in automobile applications. Learn more.

October 20, 2010 - Dr. Buranov made a presentation at EU-PEARLS meeting in Montpellier, France.Details are here.,,

March 01, 2010 - Prototype rubber extractors have been designed and built. Rubber extractors are facile and easy to operate.  

Feb 01, 2010 - We have been awarded a research grant by National Research Council Canada.

Jan, 2010 - A research paper by Dr. Buranov has been published on Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Learn  more...

Sept 03, 2009 - We started manufacturing prototype rubber extractors under support of private investors.


Apr 27, 2009 -   Incorporation date. 



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Tel: 778-554-9459

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